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What is ABACUS ?

The name Abacus is derived from Latin abax word. Abacus is defined wooden rectangular shape box lined with vertical rods fitted with beads. Its one of the ancient tools used for calculations. Each bead can represent one number. There were many types of abacuses. Some of them are Russian, Chinese, Japanese. Chinese Abacus was most popular of them all. The most difficult calculation can be solved by the abacus. It increases concentration, confidence, and many more capabilities of the child.

  • The abacus is also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool.
  • Although today many use calculators and computers instead of abaci to calculate, abaci still remain in common use in some countries.
  • Around the world, abaci have been used in pre-schools and elementary schools as an aid in teaching the numeral system and arithmetic.
  • Our Mossion is to guide children amidst the changing landscape of Indian Education, Boost their Brain Power and Make Them Genius.

  • To become the chief provider of highly effective and innovative education program.
  • Set benchmarks in developing program for child development.
  • Development of Human Intellect, though improved Mind Concentration, Imagination and Memory
  • Development of Reasoning Capability, Judgement and Application of Concepts in the young Indians
  • Generation of large scale employment oppertunities.
  • Revolutionize the field of Child Education. Help unleash the hidden potential of children and thereby help build a promising tomorrow for the Nation.
  • ABACUS Program

    Enroot Abacus is a whole brain development programdesigned for the children from age of 4 to 15 years. Enroot uses the ancient tool ABACUS to increase Speed and Accuracy, Learning ability, Concentration, Perceptual capability & Photographic Memory skills, which automatically results in student's betterperformence in all academic subjects. Here we are basically focusing on Mental Arethmetic as well as our value additions, viz. Fast writing, Brain Exercise and Dictation. We use ABACUS as the tool and ARITHMETIC as the platform to enhance Concentration, Self Confidence, Fast Listining & Writing and Visualization. While calculator needs numbers as inputs, abacus required children to convert the beads into numbers and thus by arrived at a result, the brain gains more expertise in solving mathematical problems mentally using abacus.

    Value Addition

  • Fast Writing
  • Dictation
  • Brain Exercise
  • Course Structure

    Total Levels : 9 Levels
    Course Duration : 36 Months
    Class Frequency : Once a week
    Class Duration : 2 hrs. 15 mins.
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    Why It Works ?

    Information Technology has become a fastest growing industry in today’s scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals. Information Technology is providing the upcoming future that will change every face of human existence. In order to produce Information Technology Professionals, I.T education requires a high quality competence and infrastructure. Today, new packages, newer versions of current software and new technology tools are being adopted by the trade and industry periodically. BPCA feels the underlying concepts of new technology and tools along with reasonable skills be delivered to the students before they go out in the industry. Thus in a very fast changing technical scenario, technological changes also demand that institutions must consider the market scenario, and adjust the contents and delivery of education matching the expectations of the business houses. I am sure our students can meet any demand & challenges that the employer may have on them. I wish them great success in all their Endeavour’s and quest for a better tomorrow.

    In present time, some big institutions run their Certificate / Diploma / Adv. Diploma courses in higher charges due to which the lower and middle class families of our society cannot effort the load of their charges. Our mission studied their properly and decided to provide better higher technical education in computer for every sector of our society in affordable charges.

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